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Buzz Board for entrepreneurs and managers - save time and increase revenue

Save time and increase revenue with the Buzz Board

All your important numbers, charts and targets automatically gathered in one place. Rotating on a screen or your iPad. Presented in a meaningful, attractive way. The Buzz Board by Buzzing Bulbwill help you to keep focus and make better decisions. Try it now!


Your numbers are in too many places

When your company grows online you get statistics, numbers, lists and results in many places. For example in Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Excel, your marketing & sales systems, CRM and more.

How do you make sure you manage based on the right information? For many business owners and managers, this is becoming a growing pain. You just have to open up too many applications to gather all the right numbers.

At a certain point, you just stop looking at the figures and start taking decisions on your gut feeling. This way of managing your business can cost you money…

Buzz Board geeft je controle over je bedrijf
Use Buzz Board to manage your business

Like flying a plane blindfolded

When you try to manage your business or department without overseeing your numbers and results, it is like flying a plane blindfolded. This is what many entrepreneurs and managers experience these days, because of the overload of data. Ignoring your numbers may cost you thousands of dollars in missed revenue and missed opportunities.

But wait!  Now there is an easy, affordable solution: the Buzz Board. Not a complex and expensive data warehouse, but a practical dashboard with all of your important numbers, charts and targets in one place. It helps you and your team to stay focused and get new insights in how to raise your revenues. The Buzz Board is now available for you. Continue reading…

Get Insights with the Buzz Board

Increase revenue with the Buzz Board

Increase Revenue

Quickly get insights in your results from Google Analytics, Facebook, Excel, Tweets, Marketing & Sales, CRM and increase your revenue.

Save time with the Buzz Board

Save Time

All your important numbers from different sources automatically updated in one place. Get insights at a glance with your Buzz Board.

stay focused with the Buzz Board

Stay Focused

Show parts of your Buzz Board on a rotating screen, so you and your team stay focused.

We will create your Buzz Board

The convenient Buzz Board is now available to you. We will create your Buzz Board for you for free, in an easy, straightforward process. For a fixed, small amount per month, you have the valuable insights you need to manage your business. It will save you tons of time and will help you get new ideas in how to raise your revenue.  Did you know that for 80% of your business decisions simple analysis will do the job?

You can show a selection of you Buzz Boards rotating on a screen, so your whole team will see the significant numbers and targets.